Buying tools from Hobo Freight is a symptom of being a lonely dude.
You can break the cycle of loneliness by admitting that tools are not consumables. Happy healing and peace be upon you.

As the ancient greek philosopher Farticles said: Its all shit, bros.

I have a with a hole in it. Would make great NFT storage. Asking $100,000 OBO.
is jelly

Is there a protocol/hashtag for sell/trade/barter in the fediverse?

FFS why do so many people think they have all the answers to every persons problems? Try Ashworths daily prayer:
I'm an asshole. Everyone I know is an asshole. Nobody is perfect and thats perfectly ok. Amen.

Amazon gift cards are a scam. Create a new amazon account and price something- I need a Kreg guide rail. It was being offered at $80. I was sent a gift card to my other amazon account, so I logged in: the very same object is now $99.
What a shit company Amazon has become.

Imagine paying to use gym equipment when you could have chopped firewood.

Another night.
Another beer.
Another client with missing routes.

The continues as democats vote to raise the SALT deduction from $10k to $72,5k.
Please, bluestates, stop voting against us. We've provided lumber for your homes, coal to warm yourselves, and had our once-productive farms devastated by CA's slave labor importation from Mexico.
The SALT deduction cap is a tax on poor states. Please just stop doing this to us. And please stop migrating here for retirement. We can't compete with your purchasing power in our own homelands.

If anyone is looking for a rewarding life-long hobby, delete all your firewall polices and build an explicit allow list.

My apologies to anyone getting an unexpected follow from me. I'm new to the Fediverse.
I stood up this instance to serve a small Appalachian community. Most of our community members are normies. They're starting to understand why commercial social media is cancer. I'm hoping to guide them toward the Fediverse, and possible help other nearby communities do the same.

Looking for volunteer writers for If you ever wanted to be a writer/columnist, here is your chance.

Local Social Media for Shady Valley, TN